Television and Autism

Online magazine Slate had an article on Television and Autism and while I find the premise interesting the study appears flawed. In passing they mention the four hours the average child spends watching television daily. To me mentioning that fact without comment is incredible. Here's my comment that Slate featured as one of the selected responses. "If children were doing anything else for an average of four hours a day (except for school or sleeping) society would be worried. Imagine if children were spending on average 4 hours a day knitting, playing checkers or collecting stamps. We'd say that's it's too much, unhealthy, need a balance. But when it comes to TV four hours a day is normal and hardly a peep of protest. Autism connection aside, for your child's sake, limit TV to as little as possible, it'll make the world of difference to their life. Life is too special to waste watching television. Encourage your child to be active not passive, particpate not vegetate, think for yourself, not be programmed by someone else."


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